About Potato Products of Idaho

Who are we?

Potato Products of Idaho (PPI) is based in rural Rigby, Idaho, the heart of world-famous Idaho potatoes. We're a family owned business that has been growing and shipping Idaho Russet potatoes for over 20 years.

Our operations start at Mickelsen Farms where all our potatoes are grown. The rich Idaho soil produces some of the highest quality crops in the world. No ordinary potato can compare to the flavor, consistency, and pure nutrition that comes out of this premium soil.

After harvest, the potatoes are brought to Rigby Produce (the fresh produce operation) where they are washed, sorted, and sized. They're then delivered to us where we produce value-added products made to fit all of our customer’s individual expectations.

Because we’re so closely connected with our farming and fresh pack operations, we can provide you with the best products at the best possible prices with a guaranteed supply to meet your needs.

We strive to create a product that is unique in both it's quality and nutritious preparation. Our potato products are baked and mashed using equipment and recipes that accent the flavor and nutritional qualities of potatoes; rather than hiding them under a layer of oil and salt.

Farm to fork, It's our highest priority to bring quality to your table.

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Our Story

Years ago, the owners of Rigby Produce had a vision to add additional value to their potatoes. They discovered a way to produce a baked potato that could be microwaved in just 2-3 minutes, while still maintaining its flavor and consistency.

Known as the MinuteBaker, these potatoes had the added benefit of a long shelf life when frozen. The patented process of pre-baking and conditioning ensured a light, fluffy, great tasting potato that could be mircrowaved or baked in a conventional oven in a fraction of the time.

In the years following, PPI expanded product lines to include twice baked potatoes, potato skins, and many different flavors of mashed potatoes. The twice baked potatoes have been particularly popular. Blended with smooth sour cream, butter, milk, and a variety of other ingredients, they are a truly tremendous taste experience.

Potato Products of Idaho looks forward to continued progress and success, and will continue to meet customers' expectations by delivering a truly premium quality product honestly and efficiently.