Fire roasted creamer potatoes

Fire roasted flavor faster than ever

Creamer potatoes have been harvested before they fully mature to keep them small and tender.

Potato Products of Idaho’s value-added seasoned creamer sized potatoes save time and effort in food preparation. Within minutes you can have fire roasted creamer sized potatoes with great flavor and texture.

A variety of creamer potatoes are available whether it is russets, golds, or red potatoes that you are looking for. We will add your favorite flavor profiles to season and you will be in for a real treat.


PPI does the prep work for you:

  • Pre-sorting ensures product consistency and reduced waste.
  • Washing and pre-baking means less labor and faster cooking/prep.
  • We customize the potato size and count to meet your needs.
  • Shelf life up to two years when frozen.
  • Available in food service and retail packs.
  • Offered plain or seasoned, flavors include rosemary garlic, savory, herb, and many others.