Leveraging Farm-to-Fork Vertical Integration To Create Competitive Advantage For Our Customers

Our fully integrated, seamless supply chain and state-of-the-art operational capabilities enable PPI to provide a guaranteed year-around supply of superior tasting products at an exceptional value, creating competitive advantage for our grocery and food-service customers. Supported by best-in-class vendors, we work closely with our customers to formulate proprietary products that consistently meet NSF and BRCGS certification requirements. Our highly experienced management team, flat organizational structure, and flexible systems enable us to quickly respond to every opportunity and challenge.

Guaranteed Year Around Supply Of Certified Idaho Potatoes

  • Our Idaho Russets and Reds average high solids, delivering consistent texture and unequaled taste season after season.
  • Specialized growers enable us to supplement our inventory with high quality sweet potatoes and other varieties throughout the year.

Partnering With Best-in-Class Suppliers To Create Premium Blends

  • We use proprietary blends from top national dairy suppliers with guaranteed year around availability and consistency.
  • Our products are made using equipment and recipes that accent the flavor and nutritional qualities of potatoes rather than hiding them under a layer of oil and salt.

Achieving BRCGS “A” Ratings For Food Safety Since 2011

  • We are a NSF and BRCGS certified operation, providing you with confidence that PPI products are guaranteed safe.

Delivering Exceptional Products and Service At the Lowest Cost Thru Technological Innovation

  • PPI’s state-of-the-art mashed potato line delivers quality, consistency, and speed at lowest possible cost
  • Our flat management team – with over 100 years of combined experience in food processing – has a proven track record of innovation and exceptional responsiveness to the needs of our customer and vendor partners.