Welcome to Potato Products of Idaho

Potato Products of Idaho is based in rural Rigby, Idaho, the heart of world-famous Idaho potato country. We’re a family owned business that has been growing and shipping Idaho Russet potatoes for over 20 years.

Our process starts at our farms, Mickelsen Farms, where our potatoes are grown and harvested in the most ideal climate and soil for potatoes. Potatoes are then washed, sorted, and sized at our fresh pack operation, Rigby Produce (a state-of-the-art facility). They are then ready for us to use to produce high quality value-added products.

Our products are designed to save consumers time and effort without sacrificing quality or nutrition. Quality is of the utmost importance to all of us at Potato Products of Idaho and we have maintained the highest possible rating for food safety for many consecutive years. Click here to see the BRC Certificate.

Because Potato Products of Idaho is vertically integrated, we can provide the best prices and a continued supply while also providing for our customers unique needs. We are a USDA certified production facility and have a variety of pre-packaged options that you can choose from which allows us to specialize in fulfilling custom needs.

For questions and requests: Contact us today!