About Us

Creating Value-Added Potato Products That Surpass Consumer Expectations

Potato Products of Idaho (PPI), the processing arm of the Mickelsen family of businesses, is based in Rigby, Idaho in the heart of world-famous Idaho potato country. We’re part of a family-owned business that has been growing, processing, and shipping potato products – domestic and internationally – for over 20 years. PPI was established to create value-added potato products for food service and grocery customers to meet their demand for easy to prepare side-dishes offering a delicious taste experience for consumers at a price-value that equaled or surpassed freshly made products.

It all begins at Mickelsen Farms – one of the largest potato farming operations in Idaho – where our certified Russets and Reds are grown. Idaho’s rich soil and ideal growing climate produces some of the highest quality crops in the world, and no ordinary potato can compare to the flavor, consistency, and nutritional profile of our home-grown potatoes.

After harvest, our potatoes are washed, sorted, and sized at Rigby Produce – our fresh produce operation. Russets and Reds – grown by Mickelsen Farms – are reserved for PPI helping to ensure only the highest level of quality and consistency. Potatoes are then seamlessly delivered to PPI on a just-in-time basis ready for immediate processing.

PPI creates mashed and whole baked potato products specifically formulated to meet the requirements of our customers and the consumers they serve. Our refrigerated and frozen mashed potatoes – prepared using real milk, butter, and other ingredients from our best-in-class suppliers – consistently out-perform mashed potatoes prepared in restaurant commissaries while saving customers costly preparation time.

Mashed Potatoes
Whole Baked Potatoes

Our MinuteBakers – frozen baked potatoes that can be microwaved in just 2-3 minutes – have the taste and texture of fresh baked potatoes while offering the added benefit of a long shelf life when frozen.  Our process of pre-baking and conditioning ensure a light, fluffy, and great tasting potato minimizing the time and effort required by food service purveyors.

PPI continues to invest in state-of-the-art technology and processes, working hand-in-hand with vendors and customers to produce potato products that surpass consumers’ expectations.