Mashed Potatoes

Unrivaled Quality, Consistency, and Flavor Delivery

Our mashed potatoes start off with our best-of-the-crop potatoes. They are processed using state-of-the-art equipment resulting in the most consistent product available in the market. Our Russets are grown in Idaho providing exceptional texture and quality enabling our customers to use the “grown in Idaho” shield issued by the Idaho Potato Commission.

We process many varieties of potatoes and have the ability to blend varieties if desired, most commonly using Russet, Golds, and Reds. PPI will develop proprietary flavor profiles to meet your needs.

PPI Does the Prep Work For You:

  • Highest quality Idaho potatoes, mashed with premium dairy ingredients.
  • Flexible packaging.
  • Assured supply to ship world-wide.
  • Available in food service and retail packs.

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