Fire Roasted Sweet Mashed Potatoes

The Best Sweet Mashed Potatoes Start Out Baked

You’ll taste the rich, distinctive difference in every bite. Potato Products of Idaho uses baked, not steamed, sweet potatoes to produce a caramelized sweet mashed potato that will give you a tantalizing taste experience. Our roasted sweet potatoes have 50% more sugars than a blanched sweet potato due to our caramelization process.

Our fire roasting process ensures consistent product quality and texture. PPI will work hand-in-hand with you to develop proprietary flavor profiles that surpass your expectations.

PPI Can Customize To Your Needs:

  • Highest quality sweet potatoes; available in plain puree, or mashed with premium dairy ingredients and flavorings.
  • Available in food service and retail packs.
  • Year round supply and ability to ship world-wide.

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